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Defense Acquisition Support Services (DAS) is a Woman Owned Small Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance business providing expert acquisition support to programmatic/contracting organizations around the world. We provide impact technical and acquisition experts, people who can enter an organization and lead them to contracting success in weeks and months, not years. At DAS, we know that it is all about the quality of the people. We recruit and retain the very best in our profession, the kind of people who have a long reputation of accomplishment and excellence. We are very proud to say that we have satisfied customers and employees.

In the DoD SETA services industry, everybody competes to recruit available experts. At DAS our business model allows us to recruit and retain the very best. Our model allows us to bill our customers less and pay our employees more. We offer the lion’s share of the bill rate to our employees who are willing to work in a completely accountable consulting relationship.

These unique people who are willing to work on an hourly basis are the self-starting confident class of our DoD workplace community. High performing employees favor this model, and this relationship also provides the best results for our customers. Our customers quickly recognize that our employees are industry experts, motivated to provide impact level support to them, our customer. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining our team or to discuss how DAS can help provide solutions to you. I am confident we can pay you more as an employee and charge you less as a customer!


How competitive are the DAS rates for their customers?

DAS provides bill rates to our customers that are lower than our competitors for comparable education and experience levels. We accomplish this by maintaining a flat and efficient management structure that allows DAS to operate at low overhead levels. The DAS Wrap rates are among the industries lowest. DAS knows that our customers are seeking to augment their impact workforce with highly skilled SETA and Acquisition contractors that provided the expertise they need, while not spending their limited budget resources on high vendor overhead rates driven by high end local and regional facilities and top heavy corporate management structures. For our customers, it’s all about the quality and effectiveness of the people we put shoulder to shoulder with their core workforce. Providing the best value to our customers and our employees is our model, this is our focus.

Small Business Access with Big Business Experience

DAS provides high quality technical and acquisition subject matter experts at the lowest comparable bill rates. Learn more about joining the DAS team or how we can support your needs.