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High-Quality, Value-Added Training Solutions Designed to Meet our Customers’ Goals at Prices Well Below the Competition.

The DAS Services Training Division provides scalable and adaptable solutions to meet current and emerging training and certification demands of any sized organization. We provide training with the customer’s desired learning method in any environment required. Hard and soft leadership skills, Hogan assessments and coaching, technology, cybersecurity, industry certifications, and professional development training courses are all available “off the shelf” or customized to meet our customer’s specific goals and organizational outcomes. Customized programs and hard to find training are our specialty.

We, like many of our customers, have seen and experienced exploding prices on training delivered to government and industry. Our proven, value-added model has provided exceptional manpower solutions to government agencies for more than a decade. We have applied that same model to our training division which results in higher quality instructors and materials at much lower costs than our competitors.

Our training is relevant and relatable to the students and their organizations and delivered by instructors that have been in the shoes of those in their classes. Whether we are delivering a course for new supervisors just getting started on their leadership journey or a CISSP certification bootcamp for an IT department, our customers are confident knowing that the instructors teaching their staff have lived the training that they are providing. All of our instructors bring real personality and experience with them to class, and they all possess the emotional intelligence required to identify their students’ learning needs and adapt their style to meet those needs in real-time.

Leadership Training:

Leadership Bootcamp

Program Management

Time Management

Interviewing Skills & Recruitment

Hogan Assessments

Certified Hogan Coaching

Technology and Cybersecurity:

CompTIA Certification Training


Red Hat

Certified Ethical Hacker

Risk Management Framework

Secure Coding Malware Analysis

Professional Development:

Microsoft Office Training

Adobe DC Pro

Personal Branding

Effective Briefing Skills

PMP Certification Course

Self-Assessment Writing

Directive 8140 / 8570 Solutions:

What is DoDD 8140 (DoDD 8570)?

Department of Defense Directive 8570 has been replaced by the DoD CIO as DoDD 8140; DoDD 8570 is now a part of a larger initiative that falls under the guidelines of DoDD 8140. DoDD 8140 provides guidance and procedures for the training, certification, and management of all government employees who conduct Information Assurance functions in assigned duty positions. These individuals are required to carry an approved certification for their particular job classification. GIAC certifications are among those required for Technical, Management, CSSP, and IASAE classifications.

Who is Affected by DoDD 8140 (DoDD 8570)?

Any full or part-time military service member, contractor, or local nationals with privileged access to a DoD information system performing information assurance (security) functions — regardless of job or occupational series.

  • Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • Military Departments
  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Combatant Commands
  • Office of the Inspector General of the DoD
  • Defense Agencies
  • DoD Field Activities
  • All other organizational entities in the DoD

DoDD 8140 (DoDD 8570)Requires:

  • All personnel performing IAT and IAM functions must be certified.
  • All personnel performing CSSP and IASAE roles must be certified.
  • All IA jobs will be categorized as ‘Technical’ or ‘Management’ Level I, II, or III, and to be qualified for those jobs, you must be certified.

For More Information About DoDD 8140 (DoDD 8570):

Hogan Assessments:

At DAS Services, we believe firmly in following “The Science of Personality.” Hogan Assessments provide the most powerful personality measurement tools available to learn the facts about employees, leaders, and organizations. Our Hogan Certified Coaches can help you read, analyze, and understand the Hogan results so that you can affect appropriate change to maximize your personal or organizational impact.

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